e.p.t. announced the launch of its Preconception Health Test, a new test that indicates the presence of vaginal infections so women can seek treatment before trying to conceive.

The Preconception Health Test measures vaginal acidity to detect the presence of infection, which may be linked to preterm labor. The test has been clinically proven to be effective and as accurate as a doctor’s test. A swab with a color-changing tip is inserted into the vagina and rotated several times, with results appearing in about 10 seconds. If the tip is stained blue or green, it indicates abnormal vaginal acidity that may be a sign of infection. If the tip remains unchanged, it indicates normal vaginal acidity.

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e.p.t Preconception Health Test is the first of 3 new products that will be part of the e.p.t. Family Planning Solutions brand. The test is available as a 2-count box at nationwide CVS/pharmacy and at Drugstore.com.

For more information call (800) 378-1783 or visit EPTfamily.com.