Medolac Laboratories and the Mothers Milk Cooperative announced the launch of Co-op Donor Milk, the first direct-to-consumer human donor milk that can be stored at room temperature.

Co-op Donor Milk is tested for bacteria, viruses, adulterants, dilution, chemicals, or seven drugs of abuse at the time of collection. The Milk is homogenized (which may improve fat absorption in preterm infants and reduce clogged feeding tubes) and commercially sterilized, while safety testing is also conducted on each lot prior to release of finished product. Applicants to the Mothers Milk Cooperative Milk Bank must complete a detailed and stringent screening process, including medical history and blood testing.

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Each 4oz. foil packet of Co-op Donor Milk can be stored at room temperature for up to three years and is ready-to-feed after gently shaking the packet, tearing, and pouring. The Milk is available in 48-count cases. Although no prescription is required, a note from the infant’s primary healthcare provider is required to ensure the baby is under the care of a medical professional.

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