Quest Diagnostics announced the availability of a new test to aid physicians in evaluating a patient’s response to drug treatments for hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. This first-of-its-kind test can help physicians prescribe more effective treatments for patients with HBV. 

The HBV surface antigen (sAg) qualitative test is currently used to help in diagnosing patients with HBV. The new quantitative test measures the amount of viral antigen in the blood to help evaluate if the immune system of a patient infected with HBV is responding to treatment. This information can help improve the monitoring of response to antivirals and help modify or adjust treatment to minimize the risk of progression and reactivation.

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Robert G. Gish, MD, Medical Director, Hepatitis B Foundation, stated, “The ability to reliably quantify surface antigen will enhance clinicians’ ability to stage patient’s disease state, provide prognostic information and help guide care with current antivirals and new therapies that are in the development pipeline.”

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