Prometheus has announced the completion of the validation of its new monitoring test, Prometheus Anser VDZ, which measures both serum drug concentrations and antidrug antibody levels of vedolizumab in adult patients treated with the drug.

Vedolizumab is indicated for the management of moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease in adults. The new test can measure concentrations from a single serum sample at any time during treatment. “Prometheous Anser VDZ is a drug-tolerant assay that overcomes the limitations of assays that cannot measure both serum drug concentrations and antidrug antibody levels, even in the presence of vedolizumab,” said Tharak Rao, Vice President and CMO of Prometheous.

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Prometheus Anser tests aid clinicians in optimizing management decisions for irritable bowel syndrome patients, not only those taking vedolizumab, but also anti-TNF agents such as infliximab, infliximab biosimilars, and adalimumab.

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