A new wearable device, currently awaiting 501k clearance from the FDA, will allow individuals to check their EKG anytime through an Apple Watch. The ‘Kardia Band’ for Apple Watch works in tandem with the ‘Kardia’ watch app to detect single-lead EKG’s. The user touches the band’s sensor which then communicates with the watch app to give the EKG reading.

In addition to AF patients, the device is designed for people who want to learn more about their health or for clinicians who want to bring proactive heart health technology to their patients and practices.

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Kardia’s algorithm can give results on the presence of AF or a normal rate and rhythm, it also gives an ‘unreadable’ result, and in such cases the app tells the user when to retake an EKG. Users can record voice memos to accompany EKGs sent to doctors or caregivers.

“The personal, discrete Kardia Band is a perfect fit for Apple Watch. It allows patients to easily measure and record their heart rhythm in real time. This can provide patients with a sense of control—which is vitally important to successful patient engagement in the treatment of chronic disease,” said Kevin R. Campbell, MD, FACC, North Carolina Heart and Vascular UNC Healthcare, clinical cardiac electrophysiology assistant professor, UNC Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, and President, K-Roc Consulting, LLC.

AliveCor, the creators of Kardia, are expecting FDA clearance for the device in late spring while the app is available now. The app integrates with Apple’s Health app to add EKG data to create a greater overall picture of health.

For more information visit alivecor.com