Cumberland announced the publication of integrated analysis data supporting the safety of Caldolor (ibuprofen) injection. Data from the cumulative analyses are published in the Journal of Pain Research

The published data comes from 10 sponsored clinical studies evaluating intravenous (IV) ibuprofen for the treatment of pain and/or fever in adult patients (n=1,750) followed for over 11 years. The incidence of adverse events, changes in vital signs, and clinically significant laboratory parameters were compared to patients receiving the active comparator drug vs. placebo. 

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Study data showed that patients treated with Caldolor needed less morphine and experienced less adverse events relative to those who were given placebo with morphine rescue. Additional analyses supported the safety of Caldolor for use in hospitalized patients. 

Caldolor is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) indicated for the management of mild to moderate pain, management of moderate to severe pain as an adjunct to opioid analgesics, and for the reduction of fever in adults. Caldolor was the first IV therapy approved for fever. It is supplied as a 100mg/mL strength single-dose vials in 25-count cartons. 

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