CVS Health announced the launch of ScriptSync, a new service that allows patients with multiple medications to pick up their eligible maintenance prescriptions in a monthly CVS/pharmacy visit. CVS Health aims to improve medication adherence by making it easier and more convenient for patients to take their medications.

Previous research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that patients with multiple medications who do not consolidate their medication refills had significantly lower adherence rates than patients who consolidated their refills. Patients in the ScriptSync pilot program demonstrated a substantial increase in medication adherence when their multiple maintenance medications were synchronized as one pickup.

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ScriptSync also provides online support tools for patients and caregivers in managing prescriptions 24/7. This service is currently available in all CVS/pharmacy stores and will be available through CVS/caremark Mail Service Pharmacy in 2016. Patients can sign up for ScriptSync and work with the pharmacist to set prescription refills and establish an ideal pickup date. Patients can receive a call or text message alert when the order is ready . In addition, patients have the option of adding or removing prescriptions from Script Sync, verifying the order status, and confirming or changing their pickup date as needed.

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