New Bluetooth-Enabled Thermometer Launched With App

Vicks announced the launch of its new Vicks SmartTemp wireless smartphone thermometer, the the first bluetooth enabled thermometer that comes with a companion app.

Procter & Gamble announced the launch of the new Vicks SmartTemp wireless smartphone thermometer. The Vicks SmartTemp is the first bluetooth enabled thermometer that comes with a companion app available for Android and Apple devices.

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer is a compact, portable stick thermometer with a flexible tip for oral, under arm, rectal readings in 8 seconds. Parents can monitor the progress of their children’s fever with symptom tracker and temperature history features.

Through the app, a personal profile can be created for each family member to log their detailed temperature history. The readings are automatically populated from the thermometer via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Symptoms, medications, and related notes can be inputted to help track an illness. A full history can be stored or recalled through the app.

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Also, the app features fever InSight guidance, which turns the mobile device screen a different color depending on the temperature reading. As the body temperature rises, the screen changes from green to yellow or red to indicate no fever, moderate or high fever. These temperature readings and symptom notes can be exported to share with a family doctor, school nurse, or other family member. In addition, reminders can be set up to help parents stay on track with physician’s advice. These reminders alert the parent at a requested time with the prior dosage information for each family member, or provide a temperature notification at a set time.

The Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer is available in major pharmacy and baby retailers. The app is available in iTunes and Google Play.

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