Procysbi (cysteamine bitartrate delayed-release capsules; Raptor) has been made available for the management of nephropathic cystinosis.

Procysbi (cysteamine bitartrate delayed-release capsules), a cystine-depleting agent, has been made available by Raptor Pharmaceutical for the management of nephropathic cystinosis in adults and children ages 6 years and older.

Cystine depletion is the primary treatment strategy for nephropathic cystinosis. However, poor adherence to therapy has been a major challenge resulting in poor sustained control of cystine levels, and patients consequently experiencing poor clinical outcomes, including kidney insufficiency leading to dialysis and kidney transplantation, muscle wasting and in some cases, premature death.

Physicians can prescribe Procysbi by calling RaptorCares at (855) 888-4004. RaptorCares provides individualized services to help patients access Procysbi through education, support, and extensive case management.

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