Novo Nordisk announced the launch of Tresiba (insulin degludec) injection indicated to improve glycemic control in adults with diabetes. It was initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2015.

Tresiba is a once-daily, long-acting basal insulin that is released over time; it lasts ≥42 hours after 8 once-daily injections. It is not indicated for the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis, and its safety and efficacy in children <18 years have not been established. 

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The primary activity of insulin is regulation of glucose metabolism. Insulin and its analogs lower blood glucose by stimulating peripheral glucose uptake, especially by skeletal muscle and fat, and by inhibiting hepatic glucose production. Insulin also inhibits lipolysis and proteolysis, and enhances protein synthesis. 

Tresiba is available as 100 Units/mL or 200 Units/mL FlexTouch pens (3mL). Tresiba U-100 FlexTouch can deliver up to 80 units of insulin in a single injection and the Tresiba U-200 FlexTouch can dose up to 160 units in a single injection. Tresiba U-100 is available as 5-count packs and Tresiba U-200 is available as 3-count packs.

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