Fagron announced the launch of LETS GEL KIT Convenience Pack, a topical anesthesia convenience pack intended to prevent pain when suturing. 

The new Convenience Pack includes SuturaGel Methylcellulose Base, which is designed to reduce the amount of medication run-off from the treatment area. It also contains pre-weighed lidocaine 4g, epinephrine bitartrate 0.18g, tetracaine HCl 0.5g, and sodium metabisulfate 0.075g, in addition to topical syringes and supplies to prepare 33 individual doses (3mL each). The easy-to-use kit provides a time-saving option to cut waste and enhance drug delivery to the treatment site. 

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“We are extremely pleased to provide hospitals and urgent care centers with a pharmacist-friendly enhancement to our already successful LETS KIT,” stated Rita Hoke, President of Fagron North America.

For more information visit Fagron.us.