GE Healthcare announced results from a new study that reported less discomfort from patients receiving Visipaque (iodixanol) 320mg I/mL vs. patients receiving Isovue (iopamidol; Bracco) 370mg I/mL during peripheral arteriography at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session and Expo.

The prospective, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel group, comparative study evaluated contrast-induced patient discomfort, overall safety, and image quality following contrast administration in patients receiving Visipaque (n=125) or Isovue (n=124) across 13 sites. Contrast-induced discomfort, specifically coldness, heat or pain, was assessed within 10 minutes following each contrast injection and rated verbally by the patient on a 0–10 scale.

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Results showed that significantly fewer patients receiving Visipaque reported severe discomfort (16.9% vs. 46.4%, P<0.0001), heat (15.3% vs. 36.8%; P<0.0002), and pain (2.4% vs. 23.2%, P<0.0001) than did patients receiving Isovue. No difference was observed for other safety factors or image quality between the two groups.

Visipaque is a radiographic contrast medium currently approved for use in angiocardiography (left ventriculography and selective coronary arteriography), peripheral arteriography, visceral arteriography, and cerebral arteriography, and CECT imaging of the head and body, and excretory urography.

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