JHP Pharmaceuticals announced that is has launched larger pack sizes for three acute care clinical products: Adrenalin (epinephrine injection), Coly-Mycin M Parenteral (colistimethate sodium) and Pitocin (oxytocin injection). These products are currently available in single-vial packs. To accommodate high volume settings, Adrenalin will also be available in a 10-pack size, Coly-Mycin M Parenteral in a 6-pack size, and Pitocin in a 25-pack size.

Adrenalin is indicated for emergency treatment in anaphylaxis, as well as for bronchospasm, urticaria, angioedema, and serum sickness. Coly-Mycin is indicated for the treatment of acute or chronic infections due to sensitive strains of certain gram-negative bacilli. Pitocin is indicated for the initiation or improvement of uterine contractions in vaginal delivery, as an adjunct in abortion, and for the control of postpartum bleeding.

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