Labcorp has launched the Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) at-home collection test to measure hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) from a small blood sample.

The Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) at-home collection test uses dried blood technology to measure HbA1c. The test includes the Weavr Velvet blood collection device, which separates the sample into its red blood cell and plasma components, a sample collection bag, lancets, alcohol prep pads, sterile gauze pads, and bandages.

Once the sample is collected, the device is returned to Labcorp via a prepaid FedEx envelope. Individuals may register their tests on the Labcorp OnDemand website by entering the code provided in the testing kit box and view test results using their Labcorp OnDemand account. Based on research published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, results from the samples collected using the Weavr Velvet device were over 97% accurate when compared with results from a standard blood draw.

“Our Labcorp OnDemand Diabetes Risk Test at-home collection kit now makes it easier for consumers to understand their diabetes risk and health status using an innovative and approved collection device,” said Dr Brian Caveney, chief medical officer and president, Labcorp Diagnostics. “This test offers a convenient way for more people to manage their health and stay informed, so they can seek treatment that may lead to better health outcomes.”

The Labcorp OnDemand Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) at-home collection test is available to purchase online; it is not covered by health insurance plans.


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