Bayer HealthCare’s Kogenate FS antihemophilic factor (recombinant) is now available with a vial adapter offering an additional choice in reconstitution systems for patients with hemophilia A. 

The vial adapter is a needleless reconstitution system that contains a sterile chamber with a built-in 15-micrometer filter and prefilled diluent syringe.

Kogenate FS with Vial Adapter and Kogenate FS with Bio-Set are both available in Grab and Go packaging, which includes:

  • A prefilled diluent syringe
  • The Terumo SURFLO Winged Infusion Set
  • Alcohol swabs, a cotton pad and a latex-free bandage
  • Anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident features

Kogenate FS is indicated for the control and prevention of bleeding episodes in adults and children (0–16 years) with hemophilia A; peri-operative management in adults and children with hemophilia A; and routine prophylaxis to prevent or reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes in children with hemophilia A and to reduce the risk of joint damage in children without pre-existing joint damage.

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