Cambrooke Therapeutics announced the launch of KetoVie Peptide, the first ketogenic hydrolyzed whey-based (peptides) formula for patients on a ketogenic diet with milk protein sensitivities and/or impaired digestive function.

Patients with epilepsy are more likely to have comorbid digestive disorders and often benefit from nutrition containing a peptide protein. KetoVie Peptide is a ready-to-use, nutritionally complete 4:1 ketogenic ratio with a hypoallergenic whey peptide protein source for individuals >1 years old. It is ideal for patients with impaired GI function, intolerance to intact proteins, tube feeding, and critical care patients.

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KetoVie Peptide contains 20% of calories from MCTs to enhance ketosis and help digestion. It also contains 8.3g of enzymatically hydrolyzed whey, 50mg carnitine to transport fat in the cell, 160mg DHA for brain and eye health, 29mcg selenium to protect from deficiency, other, and 20mEq K-Citrate to help manage potential acidosis.

The formula is free of fiber, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Other products in the KetoVie family include KetoVie 4:1 and KetoVie Cafe Wholesome Bread.

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