Isovue Multi-Dose Vials Now Available

Bracco Diagnostics announced the launch of Isovue (iopamidol injection) Imaging Bulk Package, the first multi-patient, multi-dose compliant contrast medium for point-of-care use in the computed tomography (CT) suite.

Isovue is indicated for angiography throughout the cardiovascular system, including cerebral and peripheral arteriography, coronary arteriography and ventriculography, pediatric angiocardiography, selective visceral arteriography and aortography, peripheral venography (phlebography), and adult and pediatric intravenous excretory urography and intravenous adult and pediatric contrast enhancement of computed tomographic (CECT) head and body imaging.

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The Imaging Bulk Package is intended to improve safety and efficiency, while reducing risk regarding use of multi-dose contrast media for radiological procedures. The new packaging provides 10-hour on-demand dosing from the same container without the risk of multi-dosing citations when transferring contrast media outside the hospital pharmacy.

Isovue Imaging Bulk Package is available for Isovue-300 and Isovue-370 in 200mL (10-count) and 500mL (6-count) vials.

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