IntelliQuit Mobile App Helps Patients, Clinicians Monitor Nicotine Use

IntelliQuit Mobile App with BioStrip Capture
IntelliQuit Mobile App with BioStrip Capture

IntelliQuit has announced the release of a mobile app that measures nicotine consumption from any source (eg, JUUL pod vaporizers, combustible tobacco, other e-cigarettes, nicotine replacement medications) using cloud-based nicotine monitoring for tobacco users and their healthcare providers.

The IntelliQuit mobile app was developed by a team of tobacco treatment experts, computer scientists, chemists, and physicians. It measures the nicotine level in the tobacco user’s system using FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived smartphone technology, which allows users to customize or titrate treatment. 

The app works with point-of-care assay biostrips (NicCheck) to measure total nicotine equivalents (TNEs) in the urine based on color changes; more nicotine produces an increasingly darker reddish pink color. These color changes are read by the user’s smartphone via a process called computer vision. The results of the color map are then uploaded to a HIPAA compliant cloud through neural network architecture and deep machine learning, providing the user with a biochemical nicotine value within seconds.

At present, users can gain access to the features in the IntelliQuit mobile app through their healthcare provider. Additionally, the tests will need to be ordered by a healthcare provider. 

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“Many smokers are switching to vaping as an alternative and as a clinician it is helpful to know if the user is consuming the same amount of nicotine from vaping or nicotine replacement as they consumed from their cigarettes,” said Matthew Bars, MS, CTTS, NCTTP IntelliQuit’s CEO and co-founder, a board-certified Tobacco Addiction Specialist.

IntelliQuit Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store.

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