Ipsen announced that a supply of Increlex (mecasermin) will be available again in the U.S. starting June 2, 2014. Ipsen, partnered with the FDA, is releasing one batch of Increlex active ingredient. Additional lots are expected to be released in the later months as Ipsen continues to work closely with the FDA.

Interruption in the supply occurred in mid-June 2013 after its supplier Lonza Biologics announced manufacturing issues at its Hopkinton, MA site. Since then, Lonza Biologics has been working with the FDA to resolve these issues.

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Increlex is a recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-1 (rhIGF-1) indicated for growth failure in children with severe IGF-1 deficiency or in those with growth hormone (GH) gene deletion who have developed neutralizing antibodies to GH.

For more information call (866) 837-2422 or visit Increlex.com.