Luma Therapeutics has launched the illuvinate System, an FDA-approved light-based therapy to treat plaque psoriasis. The system is intended for at-home use.

The treatment is based on the Goeckerman regimen which dates back to the 1920s and involves applying coal tar to a patient’s skin and exposing the skin to ultraviolet light. As biologic treatments have become more readily available, the number of facilities offering Goeckerman has depleted. 

The illuvinate System includes Hydrogel with coal tar to moisturize the skin, a narrowband UV LED light system, and a proprietary app-based dosing algorithm. Patients are directed to apply the therapy each day over a 6-week period.  

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“Many [psoriasis] patients are hesitant to consistently use medications, which may have long-term side effects,” said Jeffrey Sugarman, MD, PhD, Luma’s CMO. “As a result, patients become discouraged and stop seeking treatment from a dermatologist. I believe that the illuvinate System will be a great option for many patients.”

Illuvinate can now be prescribed by a dermatologist or via Luma’s telehealth provider, HealthLens.

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