iHealth announced the availability of its Wireless Smart-Gluco Monitoring System, the first portable Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor that allows for easier regular monitoring for both patients as well as healthcare providers.

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This new monitor allows tracking of the patient’s vitals, weight, BMI, blood pressure, and glucose levels all through a mobile device, tablet, or online. Patients are able to view and track trends over time, set up reminders to take medications, and even track test strip expiration dates.

The Wireless Smart-Gluco Monitoring System comes with 50 test strips and is available for sale at select Best Buy stores, BestBuy.com, and iHealthlabs.com. The free companion iHealth Gluco-Smart app allows the data to be automatically stored in the cloud, allowing for easy managing and sharing.

For more information call (626) 228-8516 or visit iHealthlabs.com.