Teva Makes Generic Syprine Available for Treating Wilson’s Disease

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Trientine hydrochloride is only indicated for use when penicillamine is no longer possible because of intolerability or life endangering side effects.

Teva Pharmaceuticals has launched a generic version of Syprine (trientine hydrochloride) capsules for the treatment of Wilson’s disease in patients who are intolerant to penicillamine. Trientine hydrochloride is a chelating compound for removal of excess copper from the body.

Teva’s generic will be supplied as 250mg capsules in 100-count bottles. “We are pleased that the FDA has now approved our applications and we are able to offer a lower-cost generic alternative to patients,” said Hafrun Fridriksdottir, EVP, Teva. 

Wilson’s disease is an autosomal inherited metabolic defect resulting in an inability to maintain a near-zero balance of copper. Hepatocytes store excess copper but when their capacity is exceeded copper is released into the blood and is taken up into extrahepatic sites. This condition is treated with a low copper diet and the use of chelating agents that bind copper to facilitate its excretion from the body.

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