Teva announced the launch of Levalbuterol Tartrate Inhalation Aerosol, the generic version of Sunovion‘s Xopenex HFA.

Xopenex HFA, a beta-2 agonist, is indicated for the treatment or prevention of bronchospasm in adults, adolescents, and children aged ≥4 years with reversible obstructive airway disease. Activation of beta-2 adrenergic receptors on airway smooth muscle leads to the activation of adenylate cyclase and an increase in the intracellular concentration of cyclic AMP. This results in the activation of protein kinase A, which in turn, inhibits the phosphorylation of myosin and lowers intracellular ionic calcium concentrations, resulting in muscle relaxation.  

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Levalbuterol Tartrate Inhalation Aerosol is available as a 15g canister containing 200 metered actuations. 

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