Teva announced the launch of Docetaxel Injection, the generic version of Sanofi‘s Taxotere Injection Concentrate. 

Docetaxel Injection is an antimicrotubule agent indicated for various cancers, including breast, gastrointestinal, head and neck, prostate, and lung. Docetaxel acts by disrupting the microtubular network in cells that is essential for mitotic and interphase cellular functions. It binds to free tubulin and promotes the assembly of tubulin into stable microtubules while simultaneously inhibiting their disassembly. This leads to the production of microtubule bundles without normal function and to the stabilization of microtubules, which results in the inhibition of mitosis in cells.

Docetaxel Injection is available as 20mg/mL strengths in 1mL and 4mL single-use vials. 

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