Teva has announced the launch of Tri-Lo-Sprintec (norgetimate and ethinyl estradiol) tablets, the generic version of Janssen‘s Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.

Tri-Lo-Sprintec is indicated for use by females of reproductive potential to prevent pregnancy. It consists of norgestimate (a progestin). and ethinyl estradiol (an estrogen). Combination oral contraceptives reduce the risk of becoming pregnant primarily by suppressing ovulation. Other mechanisms may include cervical mucus changes that inhibit sperm penetration and endometrial changes that reduce the likelihood of implantation. 

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Tri-Lo-Sprintec is available as a pouch containing 7 tablets of 0.18mg/0.025mg, 7 tablets of 0.215mg/0.025mg, 7 tablets of 0.25mg/0.025mg, and 7 inert tabs. It is supplied in 3 x 28 blister packs. 

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