WG Critical Care announced the launch of Esmolol HCl in Water for Injection (WFI) for the rapid control of ventricular rate in patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter in perioperative, postoperative, or other emergent situations. Esmolol is also indicated for the short-term treatment of tachycardia and hypertension that occur during induction and tracheal intubation, during surgery, on emergence from anesthesia and in the postoperative period.

Esmolol HCl is a beta1-selective (cardioselective) adrenergic receptor blocker. With WFI as the diluent versus sodium chloride, saline consideration is not needed in salt-sensitive patients. “The WGCC ready-to-use bag uses a proprietary sterilization process that results in a transparent bag when removed from the overwrap making it ideal for STAT or “need now” dosing,” explained Joe Pizza, President of Pharmasphere, Inc.

Esmolol HCl in WFI is available as 2500mg/250mL (10mg/mL) and 2000mg/100mL (20mg/mL) strengths in single-dose dual-port bags. The bag and bag ports do not contain latex, PVC, or DEHP. 

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