Mylan announced the launch of Propafenone HCl Extended-Release Capsules, the generic version of GlaxoSmithKline‘s Rythmol SR

Rythmol SR is indicated to prolong the time to recurrence of symptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients with episodic (most likely paroxysmal or persistent) AF who do not have structural heart disease. Propafenone HCl is a Class 1C antiarrhythmic agent with local anesthetic effects, and a direct stabilizing action on myocardial membranes. Propafenone reduces upstroke velocity (Phase 0) of the monophasic action potential. In Purkinje fibers, and to a lesser extent myocardial fibers, propafenone reduces the fast inward current carried by sodium ions. Diastolic excitability threshold is increased and effective refractory period prolonged. Propafenone reduces spontaneous automaticity and depresses triggered activity.

Propafenone HCl Extended-Release Capsules are available in 225mg, 325mg, and 425mg strengths.

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