Mylan Launches Generic Apresoline Injection

Mylan announced the launch of Hydralazine HCl Injection, the generic version of Novartis' Apresoline Injection.

Mylan announced the launch of Hydralazine HCl Injection, the generic version of Novartis‘ Apresoline Injection. Apresoline Injection is a vasodilator indicated for the treatment of severe essential hypertension when oral therapy is not feasible or when there is an urgent need to lower blood pressure. 

The precise mechanism of action of hydralazine is not fully understood but it lowers blood pressure by exerting a peripheral vasodilating effect through a direct relaxation of vascular smooth muscle. By altering cellular calcium metabolism, it interferes with the calcium movements within the vascular smooth muscle that are responsible for initiating or maintaining the contractile state. The peripheral vasodilating effect results in decreased arterial blood pressure; decreased peripheral vascular resistance; and an increased heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output. 

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Hydralazine HCl Injection is available as a 20mg/mL strength.  

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