Perrigo announced that it has received final approval from the FDA for Fluocinolone Acetonide Scalp Oil, 0.01%, the generic version of Hill DermaceuticalsDerma-Smoothe/FS Scalp Oil, and Fluocinolone Acetonide Topical Oil, 0.01%, the generic version of Derma-Smoothe/FS Body Oil.

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Derma-Smoothe/FS Scalp Oil and Body Oil are indicated for the topical treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults and moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis in children >3 months for up to 4 weeks. 

Fluocinolone Acetonide is a corticosteroid that has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and vasoconstrictive properties. Corticosteroids are thought to act by induction of phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins, called lipocortins.

Perrigo expects to begin shipments of both products next month.

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