BocaGreen Launches Prena1 Prenatal Vitamins Line

BocaGreen announced the launch of its Prena1 line of generic prescription prenatal vitamins designed to meet the needs of pregnant mothers and women planning to become pregnant.

Prena1 is a single daily softgel containing 14 vitamins, minerals, and 200mg of plant-based DHA. Prena1Plus is a single daily tablet containing 16 vitamins and minerals, plus one softgel with 300mg of plant-based DHA. Prena1 Chew is a single daily, vanilla flavored, chewable tablet ideal for women planning to become pregnant, for those with difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, or where nausea or morning sickness makes taking tablets or capsules difficult.

All Prena1 multivitamins contain 600mcg Quatrefolic, a 4th generation folate.  Quatrefolic is known to possess the following benefits: bypasses MTHFR polymorphisms (genetic dispositions that occur in patients who lack the enzyme necessary to fully metabolize folic acid into its active form), superior to folic acid in reducing the estimated risk of neural tube defects, increases hemoglobin levels better than folic acid, and reduces homocysteine levels better than folic acid.

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