Amneal has made formulation and labeling changes to its generic Metformin products. The company has added blackberry flavoring to its Metformin HCl immediate release (IR) tablets in 500mg, 850mg, and 1000mg strengths. The formulation change to add the new flavor mitigates the smell of non-flavored Metformin and was implemented after evaluating customer feedback regarding the inherent smell of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Amneal’s generic is a therapeutically equivalent alternative to Glucophage (Bristol-Myers Squibb).

Also, Amneal has altered the color and design of its labels for Metformin HCl extended release (ER) products to clearly and definitively differentiate from their IR counterparts. Previously, bottles of the company’s Metformin HCl IR 500mg tablets appeared very similar to the same-strength ER version. Side-by-side on a pharmacy shelf, the look-alike packaging could cause confusion for a pharmacist, creating a possible risk of dispensing errors.

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