Hebron U.S.A. introduced the Florax DS product line featuring the Ready-to-Drink Probiotic for digestive and immune support, and an all-natural probiotic Diarrhea Relief that provides relief of occasional diarrhea, cramping, gas, and bloating without the use of harsh chemicals.

Florax DS promotes healthy digestive and immune function and supports the body’s ability to break down carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. Florax DS products are formulated with a proprietary strain of the probiotic yeast called Saccharomyces Cervisiae Cepa Fr 1972, also known as nutritional or brewers’ yeast. This is the only probiotic product line available in a ready-to-drink liquid form that requires no refrigeration with a shelf life of 36 months.

Florax DS products are available in original and raspberry flavors. The Ready-to-Drink Probiotic comes in five 5mL vials and the all-natural Diarrhea Relief comes in three 5mL vials.

For more information call (440) 804-5733 or visit www.hebronus.com.