Novo Nordisk has redesigned and launched the FlexPen for Levemir (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection), NovoLog (insulin aspart [recombinant] injection) and NovoLog Mix 70/30 (70% insulin aspart protamine suspension [recombinant] and 30% insulin aspart injection, [recombinant]). The new design requires 30% less injection force than the original FlexPen and features enhanced color branding, with color-identifiable cartridge holders for the Levemir FlexPen, NovoLog FlexPen, and NovoLog Mix 70/30. In addition, the improved FlexPen allows users to set an appropriate dose, and does not allow a dose larger than the amount of insulin remaining in the pen.

Levemir, NovoLog and NovoLog Mix 70/30 are insulin products used to control high blood sugar associated with diabetes mellitus.

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