Rijuven announced the launch of i2Dtx CardioSleeve for Pediatrics, the first device with ECG capabilities cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that can be used with any existing stethoscope for pediatric care.

The mobile-connected device offers 3-Lead ECG, Digital Auscultation, and real-time digital analysis to quickly and accurately visualize heart sound, analyze for arrhythmia or murmur, and identify heart failure. The CardioSleeve murmur detection analysis can aid in the diagnosis of pathological and physiological heart sounds in patients as young as infants, at heart rates up to 180 beats per minute. The CardioSleeve transmits digital acoustic and electric footprints of the heart to a mobile device for real-time analysis and the Systolic Performance Index, a measure of Ejection Fraction.

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The Cardiosleeve for Pediatrics also features HIPAA secure data transfer and cloud-based EMR, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and dry-contact and biocompatible surfaces.

For more information visit Rijuven.com.