A first-of-its-kind consumer product designed to contain a cough, and lower the risk of cold and flu spreading, has been launched. Curtail – The Cough Barrier can eliminate 99% of particulates expelled after coughing, according to its manufacturers, Respiratory Products Inc.

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The Cough Barrier is designed to fit around the mouth and is small enough to keep in a breast pocket, it is to be disposed of after each days use. “We intend to set a new standard for ‘collective health care’ in a world facing ever-increasing variations of harmful particulates transmitted via air and human contact,” said John Stalcup, PhD, CEO, Respiratory Products, Inc.

Respiratory Products, Inc. are in the process of developing a suite of respiratory devices, with The Cough Barrier being their first. The company has also revealed that they will partner with Kodak to implement their technology at high flu transmission hotspots, although exact details of how this will take shape are still unknown.

For more information visit Respiratoryproductsinc.com.