Vasalgel, the first male contraceptive injection, is anticipated to enter its first clinical trial beginning in 2015, according to the Parsemus Foundation.

Vasalgel is a long-acting, non-hormonal polymer gel injected into the vas deferens that blocks any sperm from passing through the tube. The polymer can be flushed out with another injection, making it reversible for males that wish to restore fertility after months or years. Vasalgel takes after the medical technology called RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) that was developed in India over 15 years ago.

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Vasalgel has demonstrated successful results in baboon and rabbit studies. One 6-month trial consisted of 3 male baboons injected with Vasalgel. They were enclosed with 10-15 female baboons each, and none were impregnated. The next phase of research will evaluate whether Vasalgel can be flushed out with a second injection to see if male baboons can produce sperm again.

If human clinical trials are successful, the Foundation hopes to launch Vasalgel as early as 2016-17.

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