BD announced the launch of the BD U-500 Insulin Syringe, the first insulin syringe designed for patients with diabetes taking Humulin R U-500 insulin (regular insulin [human, rDNA origin]; Eli Lilly). 

Humulin R U-500 contains concentrated insulin (500 units/mL) and is indicated for the treatment of high blood sugar in patients with diabetes who require >200 units of insulin per day. 

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With no specific U-500 insulin syringe, patients and providers were required to take extra steps in converting U-500 insulin doses to the appropriate dose or volume with the traditional U-100 insulin syringe or tuberculin syringe. This manual conversion could lead to dosing errors, which may have caused patients to experience hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, or death. 

The new BD U-500 Insulin Syringe helps patients and providers draw the correct dose of U-500 insulin by cutting steps that can result in dosing errors. The new 0.5mL, 6mm x 31-gauge syringe needle, the shortest insulin syringe needle currently available, is clearly marked with dosages to distinguish between other syringes and avoid confusion or incorrect dosing. It is marked in 5-unit increments and allows for dosing up to 250 units. 

Humulin R U-500 insulin should not be prescribed without BD U-500 insulin syringes. 

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