Harmony Herbal announced the launch of Skin Therapy Calm over-the-counter (OTC) topical and Calm + Detox supplement duo for the symptomatic relief of rash, eczema, and dermatitis

Products containing synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and preservatives can exacerbate skin inflammation in patients. Both Calm topical and Calm + Detox supplements do not contain any steroids, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, petroleum, tree nuts, and gluten. 

The Calm + Detox supplements contain 10 super-concentrated botanical extracts that tackle immediate skin irritation and inflammation. Each serving of 3 capsules contains 1995mg of the proprietary herbal extract blend, which include: rehmannia, skullcap, honeysuckle, milkwort, red root sage, among others. 

The Calm OTC topical contains 8 super-concentrated botanical extracts that calm inflammatory response by detoxifying root irritants and reducing redness and itching, while increasing moisture and lipids; botanical extracts include coptis, cork tree, honeysuckle, among others. The active ingredient is 1.0% colloidal oatmeal with added aloe and olive oil. 

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While the Calm + Detox supplements and Calm topical treatment can be used separately, patients may experience faster relief with dual use. The Calm + Detox supplements are supplied in 30-count bottles and the Calm OTC topical treatment is supplied as 1.5oz tubes.

For more information call (877) 531-5587 or visit HarmonyHerbal.com.