The FDA has approved BioArray Solution’s Immucor PresciseType Human Erythrocyte Antigen (HEA) Molecular BeadChip Test, the first molecular assay used in transfusion medicine to determine blood compatibility. The assay determines donor and patient non-ABO/non-RhD (non-ABO) red blood cell types.

The detection of red blood cell antigens is usually performed by serological typing. This method involves testing blood with often limited reagents (antisera) specific for the antigens for which the blood is being tested.

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The Immucor PreciseType HEA Molecular BeadChip detects genes that regulate the expression of 36 antigens that can appear on the surface of red blood cells. The test uses thousands of coded beads that bind with the genes coding for non-ABO red blood cell antigens found in a blood sample. A light signal is generated from each bead that has captured a specific gene. A computer program then decodes the light signals and reports which antigens are predicted to be present on the red cells based on the detected genes.

In a study, PreciseType HEA Molecular BeadChip Test showed comparable performance when compared with licensed serological reagents and DNA sequencing.

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