Jazz Pharmaceuticals announced the availability of Versacloz (clozapine) oral suspension. Versacloz is the first oral suspension formulation for clozapine.

Versacloz is an atypical antipsychotic indicated for use in treatment-resistant schizophrenia in severely ill patients and for the reduction in risk of recurrent suicidal behavior in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder at chronic risk for re-experiencing suicidal behavior.

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The new oral suspension formulation helps avoid the mixing of pill dosage strengths and may also reduce the possibility of hiding or sharing medication in institutional settings.

Due to the risk of agranulocytosis, Versacloz will be available only through a restricted program called Versacloz Patient Registry. Versacloz oral suspension is available in a 50mg/mL strength in 100mL bottles. Each box contains a 1x1mL and 1x9mL oral syringe as well as a bottle adaptor.

For more information call (877) 329-2256 or visit Versacloz.com.