Zarxio acts on hematopoietic cells by binding to specific cell receptors and stimulating proliferation, differentiation commitment, and some end-cell functional activation. Growth colony stimulating factors regulate the production of neutrophils within the bone marrow and affects neutrophil progenitor proliferation‚ differentiation, and selected end-cell functions (including enhanced phagocytic ability‚ priming of the cellular metabolism associated with respiratory burst‚ antibody-dependent killing, and the increased expression of some cell surface antigens).

Along with the launch of Zarxio, Sandoz is also offering Sandoz One Source, a patient service center that provides patients with necessary information and resources.

Zarxio is available as 300mcg/0.5mL and 480mcg/0.8mL strength injections in 1- and 10-count single-dose prefilled syringes. Zarxio may be administered as a subcutaneous or intravenous infusion.

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