The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reporting no current shortage of antivirals for the 2014–2015 influenza season.

The available antivirals include: Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate; Roche) Oral Suspension, Tamiflu Capsules 30mg, 45mg, 70mg, and Relenza (zanamivir; GlaxoSmithKline) Inhalation Powder.

The FDA is reminding healthcare professionals of the approved instructions for emergency compounding of an oral suspension from Tamiflu 75mg capsules. Compounding an oral suspension with this procedure will provide the patient with adequate medication for a 5-day treatment course or a 10-day prophylactic course.

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However, the FDA states that this emergency compounded suspension should not be used for convenience or when the FDA-approved Tamiflu Oral Suspension is readily available from wholesalers or the manufacturer.

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