The FDA has approved Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant (Sasmar), a sperm-friendly lubricant, that may help couples that are trying to conceive. Conceive Plus has also been approved to be used in fertility interventions to facilitate entry of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity.

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Conceive Plus Fertility Personal Lubricant is a lubricant that is pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids and semen.  It contains magnesium and calcium ions, which are already found naturally in the human body and essential to fertilization.  

Currently available lubricants such as K-Y, Durex, Astroglide, and Replens, have been found to hinder the fertilization process and chances of conception by limiting sperm motility and sperm chromatin integrity. Conceive Plus serves to supplement the body’s natural lubrication without harming the process of fertilization.

Conceive Plus is available as 30mL and 75mL (applicators) multi-use tubes, or as 3- or 8-count prefilled applicators.

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