Ferring Pharmaceuticals announced that the FDA has approved a new labeling for Menopur (menotropins for injection) and Bravelle (urofollitropin for injection) stating that both products can be safely mixed and administered in a single injection.

This approval makes this mixed protocol as the only combination IVF stimulation gonadotropins to be mixed in a single syringe. A pharmacodynamics study supporting its safety and stability demonstrated that the mixed protocol does not interfere with the delivery of the indicated dosage of either medication.

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Menopur and Bravelle both contain follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone activity that stimulate healthy ovaries to make eggs. Menopur is indicated for the development of multiple follicles and pregnancy in the ovulatory patients participating in an assisted reproductive technology (ART) program. Bravelle, in conjunction with hCG, is indicated for ovulation induction in patients who have previously received pituitary suppression, and for multiple follicular development (controlled ovarian stimulation) as part of an ART cycle in patients who have previously received pituitary suppression.

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