HealthDay News – Fake or unapproved COVID-19 antibody tests are being sold by scammers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns.

Researchers have been developing tests that can be quickly and easily used to check large numbers of people for COVID-19 antibodies. The FBI warned that not all of these tests have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and their effectiveness has not been determined.

The FBI said people should be aware of potential signs of fraudulent activity. These include: claims of FDA approval for antibody testing that cannot be verified; ads for antibody testing through social media platforms, email, phone calls, online, or from unsolicited/unknown sources; offers of “free” tests or incentives for getting tested; offers of testing in exchange for cash. Consumers should also be aware if someone contacts them in person, by phone, or by email claiming the government or public officials require them to take a COVID-19 antibody test.

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Consumers can protect themselves by checking the FDA’s website for a list of approved antibody tests and testing companies; talking with their primary care doctor before undergoing at-home antibody tests; and using a testing laboratory approved by their health insurer.

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