C2 Therapeutics announced favorable interim results for its Coldplay Cryoballoon Focal Ablation System at Digestive Disease Week in Chicago, IL.

The study, called “Clinical evaluation of a new Cryoballoon Focal Ablation System for the elimination of Barrett’s Esophagus,” looked at 49 ablations in 33 patients with Barrett’s Esophagus (BE) with and without advanced dysplasia who were treated with Coldplay Cryoballoon Focal Ablation System over the last 16 months. The researchers compared 3 doses of ablation (6 seconds, 8 seconds, and 10 seconds), and recorded post-ablation symptoms.

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Study results showed no serious adverse events, strictures, and minimal patient pain. Over 90% partial or complete regeneration from Barrett’s to normal tissue was seen at 8 seconds and 10 seconds.

A second study evaluated the extent of tissue injury following cryotherapy, combining 19 ablations in 5 preclinical and 4 ablations in 3 clinical subjects. Cryoballoon ablation was found to pair deep ablation with a potentially favorable long-term safety and efficacy profile.

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