Ross Myles Health announced the availability of Nicofi sublingual tablets for use as an alternative to smoking. It is intended for use in adults who want to substitute the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Nicofi is a fast-acting tablet comprised of pure nicotine and seven other ingredients. The tablets do not contain tar, tobacco, formaldehyde, or any harmful ingredients. It utilizes the patented IntraTab Drug Delivery Technology that provides a strong rush of nicotine. In controlled trials, Nicofi was clinically proven to deliver nicotine quickly like smoking a cigarette but without the dangers of tar, tobacco, carcinogens, vapors or odors. It was shown to act 2–3 times faster than nicotine gum and lozenge.

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Nicofi is not a treatment for nicotine addiction or an aid for smoking cessation. One Nicofi tablet is equivalent to the approximate amount of nicotine received from one cigarette.

Nicofi is available as 1mg strength peppermint sublingual tablets in 20-count packs.

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