PuraCap announced the introduction of EpiCeram Airless Pump (225g), the latest addition to the EpiCeram line. The pump is airless, which delivers more product to treat any size area of atopic dermatitis. The new pump action system allows for a more controlled and precise dispensing.

EpiCeram is a controlled-release skin barrier emulsion that helps relieve burning and itching due to skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. The emulsion is formulated with 3 essential lipids (ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol) that mimics the concentration found in the skin. The controlled-release technology delivers 24-hour coverage when applied twice daily.

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EpiCeram is now available in a 90g tube and a 225g airless pump.

For more information call (908) 941-5456 or visit Epiceram-us.com.