Energy Drinks: Potential BP Danger for Caffeine-Naive Adults

Young adults who don’t regularly consume caffeine had a higher increase in resting blood pressure after drinking a commercially available energy drink vs. a placebo drink, researchers from the Mayo Clinic found.

The study evaluated 25 healthy young adults aged 19–40 years and assessed changes in heart rate and blood pressure after they consumed a can of an energy drink or placebo. Researchers recorded blood pressure and heart rate before and 30 minutes after drink consumption, and compared levels between caffeine-naive (<160mg caffeine consumed per day) and regular caffeine users (>160mg caffeine consumed per day).

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The greatest rise in blood pressure after energy drink consumption was seen in people who did not typically consume much caffeine. In general, the increase was more than double in caffeine-naive adults after drinking the energy drink vs. placebo. The concern for cardiovascular problems may be even greater for people who are not used to caffeine, researchers concluded.

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