Quest Products has announced that it will now distribute Alocane Emergency Burn Gel (Lidocaine HCl 4%), a topical gel for pain and itch relief. Alocane Emergency Burn Gel was previously manufactured and distributed by FIRST Pharmaceutical, which ceased operations in 2001.

Alocane Emergency Burn Gel can be used on various types of burns including flame, friction, sun, electrical, and those associated with radiation treatment. It contains the highest level of Lidocaine HCl available over-the-counter. The proprietary formula is water-based, unlike products with an oil or petroleum base that can trap heat into the skin. This heat can delay the body’s healing process from a burn or other skin injury. Alocane Emergency Burn Gel also contains aloe era and vitamin E that provide skin-soothing properties and other benefits that can reduce scarring.

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Alocane Emergency Burn Gel is available for purchase on the Quest Products website, as well as other online retailers. The product will be available on store shelves in the coming months.

Alocane Plus, reserved for more severe burns, will continue to be restricted to medical sites upon request.

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